The longer days, warmer weather are a clear indication that Summer is finally here! It is now the time to spend fun weekends with family around the beach or visit resorts and waterpark. But, before you hit your flip flops and head to waterparks and resorts, keep in mind that there are few things you will want to take care when it comes to your property in Thane in preparations for warmer summer months. So, are you not sure about what should be on you to do list to make your flat in Thane summer ready? Well, not an issue because we’ve compiled a few ideas that will surely help you get started.

  • Set the Windows Functional

Summer is that time of the year when you can open your windows and door to let some fresh air come in. Make sure that the windows of your luxury apartments in Thane is not jammed. Consider cleaning them thoroughly as winters might have left a layer of dirt and dust on your window which can easily enter home now and dirty it.

  • Add Greenery around you

Trees and plant play a very important role in purifying the air and keeping the surrounding cool. So, during summer you should plant more trees and bushes in your garden or window. You definitely do not require a big garden to add greenery to your apartment. You can simply plant some plants in pots and put them on your porch or balcony. You can also purchase some indoor plants and place them in your living room, dining area or anywhere you want. If you own a row house or have a big house, you can also grow vegetables in your garden during summer.


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  • Check your Cooling System & Refrigerator

Make sure that your Air conditioner and coolers are in working condition as you don’t want to get stuck in this summer heat once the temperature rises. Consider getting servicing done for both your Air conditioner or cooler. Although the use of refrigerator does not gets eliminated during winter but it surely decreases. So, if is advisable to get it checked by a technician to make sure that it is working properly and that there is no ice build up. You should also get rid off the unwanted items and make space for summer essentials.

  • Replace your bedsheets and covers

During winters, everyone considers using heavy bedsheets and cover their beds with blankets which are warm and also provide a comfy feeling. But, during summer you will have to consider replacing it with the lighter ones preferably made from linen or cotton.

  • Use Summer Scents

Place candles, flowers and diffusers in your bedroom and living room to create a refreshing environment for the summer season.

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