Viewing A Property – Checklist!

Visiting the field for viewing the property can be a daunting task. Would you just spend 15-20 minutes viewing the property that is going to be your home for coming years? Well, some buyers do so and live to regret it because the time is just too less to select the abode of your dream. So, before you go for a property site visit for new projects in Thane, here is a checklist you should carry with you and make sure the property in Thane meets all your expectations.

  • Construction Quality

Check the flooring, ceiling and other hardware. Check if there are any leaks or damp corners. The main giveaways signs are flaky plaster, moldy smell, watermarked ceilings or walls. All this may sound obvious, but make sure you look closely near the ceilings. Another clue might be if the room has just been repainted, possibly they may be covering any damp.

  • Is the Building structurally sound

If the house looks and feels structurally sound you may not need a surveyor at all. You are actually looking for big cracks, some hairline cracks. You should look around especially where extensions join, bay windows and end-of-terrace walls, all of which can start to fall or bow away from the rest of the abode. If you notice major cracks or have any doubts regarding the same, you should contact a surveyor and take his opinion on the same.

  • Building Approvals

If you are visiting a housing society for buying a property make sure to check all the approvals including fire safety, security and also construction approval certificates available.

  • Security Measure

Keep a proper check on the security measures taken in the society. This includes the Security guard, intercom facilities and security cameras. Ensure all these are operational and also, the maintenance is up to the mark. You can also check in with the neighbors if they have any insights about the society.


  • Phone signals

We cannot stay a few minutes without our phones, and you know how important they are when you are looking for buying a new home. There can be a few locations where you receive minimum to nil phone signal from your operator. So, make sure you check that you are getting a proper signal for calling and internet purpose.

  • Sunlight

Enter all the rooms and check how much daylight so each room gets to soak in. By spending a good time in the abode you will be able to figure out the thickness and thinness of the walls and what sort of voices enter the premises. Also, visiting the place during the day time will help you know what temperature is maintained in the abode mostly.

  • Do not forget to take pictures

Taking pictures is a must. These images help you compare properties with one another. So, once you are back home and are about to make the final decision, you are very clear about which property to select.

  • Which way does your house face

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment. So, take with you someone who has great knowledge about Vastu, he will help you buy a house which is Vastu compliant. Vastu compliant houses are said to bring peace and prosperity to your home. The facing of your abode plays a crucial role in this, so buying a Vastu compliant home is a must.

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