5 Tips To Make Moving A Breeze!

Unless you’re a minimalist, moving can be one of the biggest household tasks. Organizing, packaging, transporting – the whole process can seem daunting! But if you use these tricks and tips, moving day can be a lot less stressful. Happy Packing!

Now, let me share this, “I have recently purchased a residential property in Thane and I am very excited for moving to my new home , so consider this a dose of “physician, heal thyself” but, these are tips and tricks that have helped me so far and now, you can also follow them if you are moving as well.

  • An Early Start

It is quite easy to say, “Don’t wait until the last minute” to start the packing process and moving, but that’s not really enough. Instead, plan an early start. When I first planned to make a move my process of packing started over a month in advance, and I don’t regret it a bit. Starting the packing process early gives you the freedom to move the boxes around the house, so they don’t come in our way. I would suggest, take your time, pace yourself and above all avoid the panicked crunch a week before or even the night before.

property in thane

  • Purge before you start packing, and Purge as you go!

It is never too early to start throwing away the unwanted things you are not willing to move. Do it as soon as you know that you are planning to make the move and do not stop chucking the throwaways until the day movers show up. The best part about purging is that you can throw away or sell a lot of unwanted stuff and then recoup it with what you actually need. So, before you pack things in the boxes, ask yourself, Do I really need this? Should I take it with me and replace it later? Let the answer there guide you further.


  • Label Everything!

If you are moving from your old home to a new destination, your movers are surely not going to keep an inventory of your belonging, they’ll just toss all the boxes into an empty truck and then further empty them on the other end of your move. Well, this is what their job is about but, you should always consider labelling your boxes and keep your personal inventory of what is kept in which box. Labelling things will also make the movers aware about what is in the box and they will handle those boxes accordingly, for example – if the box has fragile things like crockery or trophies, then the labelling will help the movers to handle the boxes accordingly.

  • Pack like you are going on Vacation

Once you start the process of packing, there is definitely going to be a point where you’ll shift from “Let’s fit everything systematically in the boxes” to “ just throw all the things as it is in a box”. Well, this is totally normal and fine, but keep some basic tips in mind as you progress. You will save a lot of space and time by packing the boxes when shifting to your new home, by packing like going on vacation I mean, rolling the towels and shirts, using the bundle method by wrapping the shoes inside a jacket and so on.

  • Save your Important, Necessary items for a “First Night” Box

The “First Night” Box should contain all the fragile and necessary items that you think you will need sooner than later when you arrive at your new home. This is one really important tip and can’t be understated. Whether it is a toolkit you will need for reassembling furniture or cooking essentials, you should put them in the “first night” box.

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