Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Home!

Vastu stands for dwelling, which means home for God and Humans. Vastu Shastra is centered on different energies including celestial energy and solar energy. A perfect balance of these energies can enhance success, peace, and riches, says the Shastras.

The only wish an individual has while buying a new property in thane is that the new home brings prosperity, good health, and happiness to their family. It is very important to have a home that exudes positive energy, below mentioned are some remedies you can follow to ensure that your new property in thane remains blessed!

  • Home entrance:

East is considered as the most auspicious direction for the entrance of your flat in thane. This is simply because the sun rises in the East and is said to bring positive energy in the home. If it is difficult for you to find a home which has an East facing entrance then you can also go for a flat in thane which has a North East facing.

  • Kitchen Location:

According to experts, the South-East corner of your property in thane is the most ideal for kitchen’s location and it is also said that one must always do the cooking facing the East. However, you must keep this important point in mind that the kitchen should never be located directly in front of the main door of your home.

  • Master Bedroom:

Experts suggest that the Master bedroom should be located at the South-West corner of your flat in thane. From our perspective, if you follow Home entrance and kitchen location point then this will make sure that you can sleep soundly without having to let the noise or aroma of cooking to wake you up. Experts recommend, square and rectangular shaped bedrooms so that you can leave the avant-garde construction to the rest sections of your abode.

  • Toilet Location:

The placement of Toilet is another vital aspect, both from the perspective of Vastu Shastra as well as from a general health and aesthetic angle. Experts recommend that the Toilets are to be located in the North-West corner of your flat in thane or on the North-West corner of the building. If a North-West toilet is not possible for some reason, you can also go for South-East location. It is also recommended that the kitchen, toilet and pooja room in the house are not adjacent to each other.

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Vashtu Shastra

Well, there are certain terms and conditions one must follow while buying a property in thane, to get that perfect Vastu compliance in the house. So, if you are planning to buy a property you can follow the above mentioned points and find a home that brings you happiness and prosperity.

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